Just replace "Gamespot" with "Newgrounds".

2008-05-17 13:22:01 by b3nnic3

"Among the many contributions that Gamespot has made to comedy, its User Soapbox takes the cake.

The feature is a result of Gamespot's effort to conform to Web 2.0 standards, which dictate that all websites that must incorporate some form of user-created content that no one cares about aside from the people who create said content. Readers post overwrought pseudo-intellectual bullshit in their blogs, and the website selects a few entries to run on a tiny section of the front page which Gamespot would prefer to use as adspace for Axe Body Spray.

While these 14,000 word User Soapbox essays can be funny in their own way if you are stout enough to ward off comas, their titles say more than enough."



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2008-05-17 16:13:21

Umm... i'm bored so i'll comment.


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