I love being me.

2007-12-04 01:18:35 by b3nnic3

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My topic

So this kid EggfordTheEgg is an annoying retard, right? So Frank pitched to me a little scheme. Sometimes these things fall right into your lap.

[22:38] Frank: I'm going to send Eggfordthegg your way
[22:38] Frank: (8:38:36 PM) eggfordtheegg: Do you know who I should talk to about wanting to help with the Chat system?
(8:38:42 PM) eggfordtheegg: www.newgrounds.com/chat
[22:39] Frank: (8:39:14 PM) KROQ Frank: IM csb3nnic3 about it
(8:39:21 PM) KROQ Frank: He's going to be one of the sysop's
(8:39:22 PM) eggfordtheegg: Who is that?
(8:39:33 PM) KROQ Frank: One of the future chat mods

Then he started talking to me.

22:40] eggfordtheegg: Hello?
[22:42] csb3nnic3: Hi
[22:42] eggfordtheegg: Hello!
[22:43] eggfordtheegg: My friend Frank told me to contact you...I'm interested in helping with the new Chat System coming to Newgrounds...
[22:44] eggfordtheegg: You there?
[22:45] csb3nnic3: We've been having some trouble with the development, we need all of the help we can get.
[22:46] eggfordtheegg: I'm not really a coder...lol. I was thinking that I can help with more of the moderation side of things, to insure that the chat community is active and more "mature" than the current state of the BBS.
[22:47] eggfordtheegg: What's the problem with development, though?
[22:47] csb3nnic3: Sure, we'll need those too. I can ask you some preliminary questions to see if you are the right person for the job.
[22:47] eggfordtheegg: Alright, go ahead.
[22:47] csb3nnic3: I can't tell anyone who can't help, it is highly classified. I'm sure you understand.
[22:48] eggfordtheegg: OK, no problem.
[22:48] csb3nnic3: I'm sorry if I don't respond right away, we are scrambling all the time here at the NG offices.
[22:49] eggfordtheegg: You're at the office?
[22:49] csb3nnic3: Yes
[22:49] csb3nnic3: How long have you been visiting Newgrounds?
[22:49] eggfordtheegg: Cool.
[22:49] eggfordtheegg: Me?
[22:49] csb3nnic3: Yes
[22:50] eggfordtheegg: Uh...3-4 years, I just lurk, that's about it...made an account in mid-06.
[22:51] eggfordtheegg: I went to Comic-Con and met Tom 3 years in a row, so the whole staff kinda knows me at this point.
[22:51] csb3nnic3: Oh yeah, I recognize your name now.

He was completely taken in by the whole thing. After a while I fed him this bullshit line.

[23:18] csb3nnic3: Alright, it looks like you are the right person to be a moderator. You have progressive ideas and that is exactly what we need from a moderator. I've talked to Wade and all we need for you to do now is to post a topic in the Programming forums to announce that you have joined the team. I'll post in it and so will Wade to confirm it is official.

I picked an obscure forum so that it would stay up long enough to get a screenshot and ridicule him.

[23:18] eggfordtheegg: I have one question, however.
[23:18] csb3nnic3: Sure thing
[23:19] csb3nnic3: Wade is online right now, we need to hurry this along or he gets swamped with private messages.
[23:19] eggfordtheegg: I Wade were to post in the topic to make it official, wouldn't it make more sense if he just make the topic?

Uh oh, my plan looked like it wasn't working. It turns out I underestimated his stupidity.

[23:20] csb3nnic3: He doesn't have time to do very much in the forums, he gets bombarded with messages all the time.
[23:20] eggfordtheegg: OK...I just don't want to walk into a giant prank, that's all.
[23:21] csb3nnic3: Wow, this guy Frank is being a dick to you in the forums. Wade said it is okay if you ban him right away for doing that. We all get one free ban at first, haha.
[23:21] csb3nnic3: I thought you said he was your friend.
[23:24] eggfordtheegg: lol...
[23:24] eggfordtheegg: Can you read this over?


[23:24] eggfordtheegg: Dear BBS,

I have recently been informed that I will become a moderator on the future chat system on the BBS. I'm honored to receive this privilege and will work hard to make not only the chat system, but all of Newgrounds, a more accessible and user friendly experience for all. Please note that I appreciate all ideas and thoughts from all users, so feel free to PM me if you have a suggestion.


I wrote this line to make it less obvious that I wasn't pranking him.

[23:25] csb3nnic3: You should use your real first name, the community will use that now anyway so it is easier to start off with it so they don't have to ask.
[23:26] eggfordtheegg: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/82 1721

Here's a screenshot if the topic gets deleted.

http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/996 8/fagfordtheeggchatst5.jpg

[23:46] eggfordtheegg: Aren't you original...tricking Eggford.
[23:47] eggfordtheegg: You there, fucker?
[23:47] csb3nnic3: No.
[23:47] eggfordtheegg: WTF?
[23:48] eggfordtheegg: Still at the office I see...
[23:48] csb3nnic3: Yeah, we are having a jack party. It's like a pizza party but with masturbation.
[23:48] eggfordtheegg: WTF?

/My topic

Frank's Topic

(8:34:57 PM) eggfordtheegg: Hello?
(8:35:02 PM) KROQ Frank: Yes?
(8:35:11 PM) eggfordtheegg: listen you moran if u ever post that picture of me again I'll hack your account and band you
(8:35:23 PM) KROQ Frank: Oh no please! I'll stop, I'll stop!
(8:35:29 PM) eggfordtheegg: good, im glad you understand

(9:09:20 PM) eggfordtheegg: gumOnShoeorig: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/82 17 02
(9:09:22 PM) eggfordtheegg: what the fuck! i thoght we had a deal!
(9:09:45 PM) KROQ Frank: I didn't mean to! It wasn't me!
(9:09:49 PM) KROQ Frank: ahhhhhh please!
(9:09:52 PM) KROQ Frank: that was my brother
(9:10:21 PM) KROQ Frank: he always does this sort of thing! please show mercy!
(9:11:21 PM) eggfordtheegg: I gave you a chance... say goodbye to ur accont
(9:11:25 PM) KROQ Frank: No! I worked so hard for it! Please, don't!
(9:11:40 PM) eggfordtheegg: too late, i already started my hacking program. hahahaha its over for you now.
(9:12:45 PM) eggfordtheegg: haha you fucko, once my program finishs youll be toast!

(9:57:34 PM) eggfordtheegg: I FUCKIN HAT YOU
(9:57:44 PM) KROQ Frank: Tydus calm down!
(9:58:11 PM) eggfordtheegg: you and your clughead friend bennice are fuckin dead meat
(9:59:10 PM) KROQ Frank: Oh cool.
(9:59:38 PM) eggfordtheegg: you know, i was actually just goin to let the picture thing go, but you did this! you better pray to god taht i dont find ur IP adress, or else you can so goodbye to ur computer
(9:59:47 PM) eggfordtheegg: ill see you at comic con next year shitface, im gonna kick ur ass
(9:59:47 PM) KROQ Frank: I'm looking forward to it.

I love being me.


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2007-12-08 23:44:37

..... LOL, you are my hero.

b3nnic3 responds:

Oh yeah? You just bought yourself a one-way ticket to BANTOWN.